Mishti Pulao – Bengali Sweet & Savory Pulao

Mishti Pulao - Bengali Sweet & Savory Pulao is a fabulous rice dish that will compliment any Indian thali. Today I have another pulao for you. This time we've gone over to the central eastern Indian state of West Bengal. This rice which is a bit sweet and a bit...
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Columbo Curry Powder

In the French Caribbean on islands like Martinique, Guadeloupe and Dominica, curry is known as Columbo. Even though Dominica is an English speaking island, France and England played ping pong with the island and it is as French as it is English. It is believed that...
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Carrot Rice Pudding – Porkkana Laatikko

In Scandinavian countries, rice porridges are very popular. As well as sweet porridges, rice is often also used in savory casserole type dishes. The rice they use is a starchy, short grain rice. The best substitute we have here is sticky/glutinous rice. In fact, they...
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Chicken Soup for the Soul & the History of Food Holidays

Did you know today is Chicken Soup for the Soul Day? Did you ever wonder who comes up with these holidays? Well, believe it or not some are by presidential order. Basically, a person, group of people or company petitions the government and then after going through the...
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5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

For this week's BM theme, I chose Healthy Recipes. While eating healthy food for lunch and dinner isn't too difficult, American breakfasts are often calorie laden. We lean toward sweet foods like muffins and pancakes, sweetened with syrup. Even our oatmeal is...
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Szechuan Snow Pea Stir Fry

Szechuan cuisine is the food from the Sichuan province in southwestern China. This cuisine is distinct with the use of the Sichuan pepper, which actually is no relation to the black or white peppercorn and has a citrusy, rather than a spicy flavor. However, szechuan...
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Ginataang Monggo – Filipino Mung Bean Pudding

This week's BM theme is tea time treats and I decided to explore tea time around the world. The Phillipines, once a Spanish colony, uses a lot of Spanish words in their vocabulary. Tea Time in the Phillipines is called merienda, the same as in Latin America. This is a...
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Herb Butter Roasted Asparagus for #Food of the World

This month Food of the World is going to France, where the art of cuisine as an art began. Most European and American cuisine is derived from the basics rooted in French cuisine. Compound Butters are a classic accompaniment to grilled and roasted foods in France....
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Malay Style Fish Curry

Most of you already know that I spent the last two weeks traveling around Singapore, Penang Island (Malaysia), Thailand and Mumbai. So expect to find a lot of Asian recipes coming at you...even more than before. When I was in Penang, I took a cooking class. I will do...
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Thai Broccoli Fritters

These fritters were inspired from some leftover Thai Basil I had from teaching one of my culinary classes on Thai food. With a bunch of leftover herb and not wanting it to go waste, I put some Thai flavors into these fritters. Thai Broccoli Fritters Prep Time: 15...
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Nimish – Uttar Pradesh Cream Pudding

Nimish - Uttar Pradesh Cream Pudding is a simple and luscious cream dessert from the Awadhi cuisine of Uttar Pradesh, located in North India. Nowadays it’s common knowledge to most that people with Celiac’s disease cannot consume gluten and many other people prefer to...

Easy Shmeezy Oven Jambalaya

This Easy Shmeezy Oven Jambalaya is the perfect marriage of flavors prevalent in Bayou Cooking, defining the perfect #onepotmeal #FatTuesday is tomorrow, otherwise known as Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras has been celebrated in New Orleans since 1699. Also known as Carnival....

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