Sweet Potato Pound Cake

For this week, I am trying out a few recipes from my BM blogger friend, Archana. This cake immediately caught my eye when perusing her recipes. Pumpkin is used abundantly in muffins, cakes and many kinds of desserts and poor sweet potato is the forgotten step child. I...
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Chocolate Almond Cake

A new blogging group called Baking Partners has started and I am excited to try all the baking assignments in the coming months to learn some new recipes and techniques.  As baking is something I am competent in but not expert, I am hoping to start to perfect...
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Yellow Eyed Pea Turkey Meatball Soup

With temperatures in the teens and going into the single digits at night, New York has been in an arctic freeze the last few days, although we can't compare to cities like Detroit. The last few weeks have been so hectic with family visiting from the Netherlands. They...
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Harcha – Moroccan Semolina Skillet Scones

Harcha - Moroccan Semolina Skillet Scones are a quick and easy recipe that's perfect for Brunch or a lazy weekend breakfast! There are such a large varieties of pancakes and flatbreads in the Middle East and Arabic North Africa.  These quick and easy skillet cooked...
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Baked Mac & Cheese…lightened up

Blogging Marathon #22 Theme: Kid's Delight - Healthy Makeover Baked Macaroni & Cheese, called Macaroni Pie in the Caribbean, is a kid favorite (the Caribbean version includes egg, which makes it bind even more).  The cheese sauce is usually made starting with...
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Lavender Corn Muffins

So many of my tastes I get from my mother. I have always wondered how much of this is hereditary and how much is subconscious learned behavior. Neither of us are chocolate lovers. Raw onion and overpowering garlic are big turn offs for the both of us. We both love...
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Hungarian Cabbage Paprikash for #FoodoftheWorld

This month Food of the World is traveling to Hungary. Much of Hungarian food is very similar to German cuisine. Hearty stews like goulash, fresh spaetzle noodles (called nokedli in Hungary) and apple strudel you are just as likely to get in Budapest as you will in...
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Multi-Grain Quick Bread Biscuit Muffins

This is a fiber-rich, protein-packed quick bread I created. Since some of the grains used have little or no gluten, I decided to make this bread without yeast and use baking powder, which does not require gluten to rise.  Because of this, I decided to make them...
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Hyderabadi Lamb & Dal Curry – Daalcha Gosht

This protein rich Hyderabadi Lamb & Dal Curry - Daalcha Gosht  is a hearty and healthy meal. With just a small quantity of meat, it is not high in fat. Serve with Basmati rice for a filling and delicious Indian Meal! Don't get scared of the cooking time. The 4...
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Creamy Vegetable Soup

Blogging Marathon #34 Theme: BM Blogs - Sara Now that the temperatures have started to go down into the 30's here in New York, it's soup season. Inspired by Saras soup here, I emptied out my refrigerator and made this comforting soup to keep warm on the cold winter...
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Nimish – Uttar Pradesh Cream Pudding

Nimish - Uttar Pradesh Cream Pudding is a simple and luscious cream dessert from the Awadhi cuisine of Uttar Pradesh, located in North India. Nowadays it’s common knowledge to most that people with Celiac’s disease cannot consume gluten and many other people prefer to...

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