Hi! I’m Chef Mireille – your resident Schizo Chef..so why am I called The Schizo Chef?

One of my pet peeves is when people ask me what’s my favorite cuisine or dish…because I don’t have one! It really depends what mood I’m in…so I’m a schizophrenic chef who may be feeling Thai today, but my Brazilian persona may decide to take over tomorrow…You just never know…

No cuisine is out of reach here. I’m a die hard foodie always on the lookout for the next new ingredient. I seek out obscure ingredients and make them approachable with my adaptations of authentic traditional recipes from all over the world, plus my own unique creations. With a very diverse family background, I have had personal exposure to many cuisines from a very young age. I specialize in introducing global ingredients and cooking methods to an American audience.

I’m a single New Yorker (yes, I’m available) with the most multi-cultural background you can ever imagine – from Aruba to Rajasthan to Indonesia…it’s all in my family. I am passionate about sharing food and culture…I believe most religious and cultural biases can be eradicated by breaking bread together. I am very liberal and unbiased and aim to spread this message through my globally inspired recipes, culinary classes and other services I offer here.

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